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Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

All faiths are welcome.

Purchasing a plot or niche in advance of need can reduce the financial burden on your loved ones as well as provide assurance that you are at peace with your final resting place.
Plots and niches are available for sale to people of all faiths.
The long-term preservation of this sacred place is assured by the perpetual care reserve and by being a part of the beautiful Parish campus. The perpetual care reserve is funded from 10% of the purchase price of each niche and plot and memorial gifts.
To purchase a niche or plot, please email the Columbarium & Cemetery Committee or call the Parish office at 410-822-2344. A Committee member will be able to discuss the prices, which plots, or niches remain available for purchase, and will review the rules & regulations with you.



Niches are available inside the covered Pavilion or outside in the Memorial Garden. All niche faceplates are custom-fitted Dakota Mahogany granite and the niches themselves were designed and constructed especially for the Saints Peter & Paul Columbarium by Eickhof Columbaria, the world’s largest custom columbaria manufacturer.

The Pavilion, graced by the majestic one-of-a-kind stained glass window and the large custom limestone altar, has 84 initial niches housed in 4 walls with a total expansion capacity of 168 niches in 8 walls.

The Memorial Garden, offering 250 niches in a combination of curved and straight walls with expansion to 850 niches, is a walled and gated open-air garden with an imported custom copper tree fountain surrounded by shaded pergolas and beautiful teak benches and plantings.

The Pavilion and Memorial garden combine to create a serene place for the living to remember their loved ones, be with their thoughts, and heal.

Burial Plots

The Pieta Garden, located along the brick pathway directly behind thewalled columbarium garden, offers grave sites with flat grave markers to enhance the open pastoral feel of the Church grounds. The pathway concludes with a Pieta sculpture and benches in a round patio area. 
The Monument Garden, located along the brick pathway directly behind the Church’s sanctuary, is reserved for headstones or family monuments. The pathway concludes with a sculpture garden and sitting areas. 

Urn Sizes

Urn Sizes

The interior dimensions of all but the bottom row of niches is just shy of 12” square. Most funeral homes will work with families to help select an urn that is appropriate for the niche. In general, each niche is designed to hold two round vase urns, each no larger than 10" high by 6" in diameter or up to four box urns, each no larger than 5.5" x 5.5" x 7".

Niche Plate Engraving Templates and Emblems

Niche Emblems

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